e se non gridi non ti sento, ridi?


The exhibition ‘e se non gridi non ti sento, ridi?” with Giulio Catelli, Gianluca Di Pasquale, and Andrea Grotto, compares different painting languages, yet united in responding to scenarios inspired by an intimate realism between the arbitrariness of memory, the emotional adherence to introversion, and the construction of new stories.

The title of the exhibition is taken from a verse by the poet Beppe Salvia (Potenza, 1954 – Rome, 1985), known for his transparent, immediate writing, rich in oxymorons, and often using very short, sometimes thread-like rhymes, characterized by an intense rhythmic and dynamic prosody. Inclined to reflect on the vanity of life, imbued with anxieties and modesty, Salvia’s verses are synonymous with a genuine poetry, rough and terse like a free flow of feelings.

The productions of the artists are not bound by the need to define a particular theme, but rather, respecting their mutual disparities, akin to Salvia’s verse, they are united by a sentiment sometimes joyful and at other times melancholic, a common symptom of deep reflection. The works on display are unified by Salvia’s essential and synthetic verse – “e se non gridi non ti sento, ridi?” – to imply an imaginary dialogic interaction with the other, played out through unrelated and isolated visual elements, memories of sensations that nourish thought.


e se non gridi non ti sento, ridi?
21 May, 24
9 Sep, 24
Giulio Catelli, Gianluca Di Pasquale, Andrea Grotto
Vicolo del Curato, 3 00186 Roma
Giorgio Benni