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We currently offer 3 PACKAGES:


text + photo documentation of your exhibition published on our website 

Depending on our current editorial program, chosen articles published on the website will also be posted on our social media: Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, and they will be added to a biweekly newsletter.

This package is free of charge and it’s for everyone who uploads their exhibition to our website.


video production & promotion

Our team will visit your exhibition and create a professional video to be posted as a reel on our social media: Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, and added to our biweekly newsletter.

Your video will be produced by professionals: FDMS Creative Studio.

This is a paid option for those who want to stand out.


video production & promotion + more promotion

Within this option, our team will visit your exhibition and create a video to be posted as a reel on our social media: Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, and added it to our biweekly newsletter. 

Your video will be produced by professionals: FDMS Creative Studio.

You will also invest in more promotion on social media, selecting a to-the-point audience with professional marketing measures. You will receive a report on the performance of the publication.

This is a paid option, crafted precisely to your needs. 


To gain more and constant visibility, have your banner published permanently on our website for the agreed-upon time.  

Placed between “EXHIBITIONS” and “NEWS,” this area of the website generates the most traffic. When choosing this option, you don’t have to be selected or wait for acceptance. Our website banner is clickable, so it will direct viewers straight where you want. This advert is a cost-effective way to announce your event, exhibition, gallery, portfolio, project, etc.

This is a paid option for those invested in reaching a wide audience. 


Our curated social media include:

  • INSTAGRAM – with over 10,1 k followers,
  • TIKTOK – with over 700 followers and a lot of engagement,
  • FACEBOOK – with over 150 followers,

(updated on 04.06.2024)

Make your event seen without waiting in line for publication with these options:

  • IG story
  • IG post in the feed 
  • IG story + post
  • IG live from our visit at the event
  • IG reel


Our newsletter reaches over four hundred people from the narrow artworld circle. 

We send information about Italian exhibitions every two weeks. 

Newsletters are a unique way to ensure your information reaches viewers, as email marketing is said to be among the most effective digital communication methodsOur Open Rate, a measure of the percentage of subscribers who open a specific email, has reached a medium of 49.35%. To put this into perspective, the industry average is around 17% (Influencer Marketing Hub), so we are tripling it!

Adding your banner to our newsletter is a paid option for those dedicated to effectively reaching insider artworld circles. 


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