Forgery of Reality

C+N Gallery CANEPANERI is proud to present the first solo exhibition in Europe by Deng Shiqing, titled “Forgery of Reality”, curated by Charles Moore. In a thought-provoking exploration of value, authenticity, and the enigmatic nature of the art world, this summer’s exhibition at C+N Gallery CANEPANERI’s Milan space will leave us questioning where art as aesthetics ends and art as a commodity begins. Born in China, Deng Shiqing’s artistic journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and self-expression. After honing her craft in the formal, yet often restricting, aspects of traditional Chinese painting, she relocated and began a transformative journey, first to Beijing and then to New York City. It was amidst these bustling cities full of new ideas and cultures that she found liberation in embracing new forms of artmaking. This is reflected in the distinctive blend of Eastern and Western influences, resulting in a bold exploration of the surreal as she questions relevant societal, cultural, and artistic issues. In “Forgery of Reality,” Shiqing delves deep into the heart of the art world, questioning the very essence of artistic value within our globalized society. In a series of over two dozen works, Shiqing unveils the intricate dynamics that govern our perceptions of art and its creators with her signature fusion of critique and humor. Drawing upon her own experiences and observations, Shiqing challenges the notion of authenticity in an age dominated by appropriation and replication. Each piece showcases a different yet poignant commentary on the commodification of culture and the elusive nature of artistic identity in our modern age. The intrinsic worth of art has been called into question. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen sense of symbolism, she constructs immersive narratives that blur the boundaries between reality and illusion. As figuration and surreal abstractions collide, everything we think we know about art is upended. Within the series, they could almost be mistaken for commonplace actions—gazing upon a painting, preparing a canvas, striving to create realistic works of art. However, upon closer examination, Shiqing subverts these everyday activities of the art world. The person admiring the work of art, too, is covered in hand-drawn imagery that echoes sentiments of credibility and inadequacy. Another piece shows a man stretching a canvas, but among the wooden frame is a human body that replaces the substrate, now flattened, contorted, and manipulated by the artist. “Forgery of Reality” prompts introspection and a reinvigorated dialogue about the nature of creativity for all who experience it. They are glimpses into both the art world’s complexities and also into our own mentalities and perceptions of what makes art worth anything. Enthralled by the absurdity and struck by the relevance of her critiques, we are confronted with what it truly means to create with authenticity.

Forgery of Reality
29 May, 24
29 Jul, 24
Deng Shiqing
Charles Moore
Foro Buonaparte, 48, Milan
Mattia Mognetti